Simona Villata was born in Turin, Italy, in 1966.

Her vocational training included the study of human anatomy, a theme that characterises her everyday working activity. Her works comprise the representation of men and women in a multi-ethnic plurality, portrayed by various and fortuitous postural expressions, which assume the most expressive forms that refer to a virtual, intrinsic character manifested through the intensity of the colours or their harmonious contrasts.
The artist's passion, sculpture, has been cultivated since her childhood, and encouraged and supported by the observations of her principal teacher, her father, from whom she has drawn the techniques and secrets to continue the creative activity in search of her own expression.

The approach to ceramics takes place as a process of artistic and personal maturity in which colour, together with shape, becomes a characteristic element of this expression, which gives life to the "FILI D'ERBA" Collection.